Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sixth one.

I got a call from an Intern at the Ogden Standard asking if I could help them out and shoot an assignment down in Draper since it was far for the staff photographers to drive. I gladly accepted and went to shoot this assignment for them. The assignment was to shoot the event of Travis Taylor being sworn in to the Army National Guard. He was the sixth brother from the Taylor family to join the military. So a few things went wrong. I didn't bring a flash with me because I wasn't sure if we could use a flash during a military procedure, so, I had to bump up the ISO to make for more lighting in the images, consequently making them a bit "noisier" which isn't a good thing. So needless to say, shoot assignments and learn from your mistakes. (the third one down was the one that ran in the paper).


Ty Cobb said...

I like the TVs that is my favorite soht. You did a good job even with out a flash.

Stuart said...

I like the 7th one from behind the reporter and camera.