Thursday, November 1, 2007

Men in Tights

Ok, so not really. I mean there were guys in speedos, but that's not the reason that i went to shoot, although, i have met some people, who will remain nameless, but you know who you are, who would have went to shoot the swimming practice just for that! So i guess there is a new coach and he is supposed to be a dang good coach. When i was there, he was really straight forward with the swimmers and really pushed them to work hard!!!
So i took some shots, alot of shots actually of the coach for this little story that is running, but then he just let me shoot around. It was kinda strange, because i looked like i was running around taking photos of these guys in really little speedos, but i tried to keep my shots of people swimming, so they don't even show!
Swimming has always been interesting to me, it's a great way to exercise and get in shape really fast, i mean, have you ever even seen a swimmer! Of course it gets you in shape!! Anyways, we were trying to sit and decide which image should run in the Chrony, and Jim really liked this last image. He even said that it could be portfolio worthy!! DANG GINA!
It was pretty cool to see all the swimmers doing their events, diving, and practicing. Those guys and gals have some real stamina, they were swimming forever without stopping. Maybe i'm just a wuss, but i don't think i could ever swim that much or that far without taking a break like they do! Anyways, props to the swimmers. They are crazy and barely wear any clothes, but props to them.


Clayton said...

props to you J Rad you bad ass motha' fucker. Those are some kick ass shots and i hate to admit this becasue it is so rarely the case, but Jim was right, you shot some cool fuckin' photos.

Ty Cobb said...

You are right you are a wuss! A big wuss that can take good pictures.

Anonymous said...

hey skills,
I like the first one too, the swimmer looks a little soft for portfolio though, sharpen that sucker up and all will be well.