Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So, Jim has got to be the most random Professor that i have ever met. We were sitting inside during class and he decided that we all needed to learn how to rope a cow, (or cigarette ashtray) so that's what we did. We went out and practiced roping ashtrays. It was great!!! So I guess that the idea was that we were supposed to have our cameras with us at all times and we have to be ready for the unexpected. You never know when things are going to get messy or crazy, so you have to be prepared. I think that Jim's a freakin awesome teacher, really knows his stuff, and CRAZY as HELL.
It was really interesting to learn about all the different types of ropes and what they are used for. Even though we didn't actually have horses to ride and practice on, he still taught us the importance of pulling with the correct hand. In one hand you have the rope that you are trying like hell to bring the calf or cow down, and in the other, you have the reins of the horse. If you pull on the wrong one, your horse stopps and whatever you are trying to rope, gets away. DAMN!
He has done so many things in life that it's unbelievable and most of it comes from his work that he as done in the past. sometimes i wonder where the guy gets all his knowledge, but i guess he is an old bastard so he has had enough time to actually learn something in life, something i am not sure i will ever do.
The best part was when Jim decided that it would be really funny to try and rope some people that he knew and wouldn't be offended or upset that they got roped. So the lucky winner was the news writer Clayton. It was freakin halarious. Clayton is a really good sport for letting Jim show off his skills by roping Clayton's leg. I'm sure that if he were running away from Jim, he would have taken a digger and we all would have had a great laugh, but that wasn't the case. Jim's a great guy and has alot to teach people if they wanna know. Believe me, i made the mistake of trying to sponge off him and now i cant stop. It's addicting because he knows so freakin much and has collected so many books that you could spend your whole life in his office. i always thought that i would learn alot from Jim about photography and journalism, just didn't think that it would involve RODEO ROPING!

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