Sunday, October 21, 2007

Page Arizona

Let me introduce you to one of my best friends Tony. Tony has to be one of THE BEST photographers that i have ever met. Since he and i have started shooting togther, i have learned more about photography and bought the SICKEST equipment at his advise. anyways, here he is!!
Tony and i kinda in a strange way go way back. He is like 4 years younger than me, so growing up, we never really knew eachother. I knew his older sister, and when i got back from my mission in Cali, i dated his older sister Jessica, DAMN SHE'S HOT! so that is my only claim to fame with Tony. Right now, his parents and my parents are pretty much best friends. This picture was taken in an "Authentic Mexican Food" restaurant in Page Arizona.

So Tony and i decided that it would be fantastic if we were to take a road trip to Page Arizona to shoot some photos of Antelope Canyon. ( photos to come in the next blog ). so we did. When we got to Page, we were walking around in AZ and found a street in Page that we dubbed "Church Ally" there were literally 5 or 6 churches right next to each other. The only church that didn't have some type of cross on it was the LDS church. So we decided to start shooting crosses. It was pretty funny. Tony is a bit less of the adventurous type than i am when it comes to doing stupid stuff. He is way outgoing when it comes to getting "THE SHOT" but when it comes to being random, he's not as out there as i am. it was pretty funny listening to him say how odd and wierd he felt about shooting photos of crosses.

I actually think it was pretty good and some of the photos turned out really well. So none the less, we had a great time that night shooting crosses.

We slowly realized that our batteries were going to die and we still had a full day ahead of us to shoot Antelope Canyon. So we cut out early and found a sketchy motel to stay the night.

This last photo has to be my favorite of the cross photos that we took that night. I think it turned out really cool. ALOT of wasted frame space, but i think that is what makes it more dramatic. And for all of you that your religion uses the cross, this post or photo shoot was in no way meant to offend or make fun of anyone, it was just a common theme on this one "Church Ally"

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Tony Murray said...

I look like such an F-ing pimp. Please don't ever use the term "DAMN SHE'S HOT" when referring to my sister ever again, it's kinda wierd