Monday, October 8, 2007


So like always, there were alot of people at conference. I can go two ways with this post, but i think i'll just make it a whatever of the whatever photos. Some of them turned out pretty good, so i think i'll just go with that. This photo i think does a good job of showing how many people were there and the every-level filled with people, like it always is.

So i kinda find it funny that there are police that come to conference, probably to attend, but also to regulate the happenings at conference. People have their right to protest, but i think it's funny that there have obviously been some times that it has gotten out of control, or else why would the poice show up? There were alot of cops regulating the crossing of the streets and the protestors and all that stuff. It was pretty cool actually. Ever since I have been studying and pursuing my degree, I have become more of a supporter of freedom of speech and allowing people to say what they want.
The cops were really cool, they gave me priviledges when most people weren't around, like going out an photographing their bikes and crazy stupid stuff like that, but they were cops, crabby and dumb attitudes about stuff, but hey, they are just doing their jobs. I guess that it is easier for them to find parking and to fit more in there if they are motorcycle cops. it's ok.
I think that one of my favorite parts is the protestors. They always have all these crazy things to say, and some of them don't even ever want their faces shown. Most of them are ok with it, but sometimes, they are not. On the other hand, what do they have against Mormons? I don't see any of them or any protestors for that matter out protesting when there is a big Buddist rally or a Catholic Convention. Why just the Mormons? I'll never understand.

Lastly, this lady cracks me up. She was out there the whole time just singing her heart out as loud as she could. She stood right next to the protestors and just belted out her songs. I talked to her and she said that most of the time, she has to have police somewhere close by because they threaten her and are very rude to her. I asked her name cause i thought the photos were really funny, but she refused for her own safety. She re-stated that they physically harrass her and if they knew her identity, it would probably be worse. I understood and left it at that. Happy Conferencing!!!

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I heart mormons too. I liked your photo of the bridge in the chrony today. Very nice.

Katie Price said...

Ha ha Jarad that is so funny! Love your pics cuz.