Sunday, October 21, 2007

Antelope Canyon

ATTENTION ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS....... If you have never been to Antelope Canyon or don't even know what it looks like or where it is, LOOK it up and go there! Tony and i went and it was probably the coolest place that i have ever been. The company was good and so the trip down there was pretty good. went by fast, but it was good.
Here's Tony in the Canyon. it was freakin PIMP!
Tony and i must have walked around in the canyon for HOURS and HOURS. we shot so many photos and had an awesome time. When you go down there, there are 2 canyons, an upper and a lower. The upper is the most popular and it has the most tourists. It costs a bit more than the lower and they MAKE you take a tour, you have no freedom to wander and go as you please. We decided that the lower canyon was just as nice and the freedom that you have to wander and roam was all the better. So we stayed in the lower canyon the whole day. We decided that we would make the trip again next year or so and brave the tourists. So all the photos that will be posted on this post are from the Lower canyon. During the morning, you get the really bright reds and oranges, towards the end of the day, you get oranges and purples and blues.
There were so many angles and twists and turns that it was really kinda hard to find a good spot to take a shot. There were some places that it was impossible to even set up a tripod and forget about hand holding. to get the deep colors, one would have to do a long exposure. the detail and the colors were just fabulous.
Now, i have found from first hand experience, that the more attention to detail that you pay, instead of trying to shoot the whole scene, the better the photos turn out. I took a plethra of both style, and it seems that the more you tried to take in the frame, the busier the photo got and the more confusing and muddy the photo got. The other problem you run into is the lack of depth.

So there you have it folks. This was probably the best photo shoot i have ever gone on and these are probably some of the most unique and interesting photos that i have ever posted thus far. I have always heard of this place and i have even lived in Arizona, but never gone there. There are fantastic photos that have been taken of this place and i have always wanted to go, now i have gone and i can say that it's fantastic. These are just a few of the photos that i have taken, but there are so many fantastic places and awesome photos that can been and have been taken of this place. If you ever, ever get a chance to go, DO IT. just don't go if your closterphobic. there are some places that get pretty tight.

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Stuart said...

Absolutely FANTASTIC series.
(especially the 3rd one!)