Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sucks to be him

My job and my career choice are all about being in the right place at the right time. And knowing people. If you are not prepared and don't know the right people, you miss out!
So, the other day, I got out of class early and decided to walk around campus for a bit before heading to the office. Almost immediatly I saw fire engines, ambulances and cop cars ON CAMPUS. so i grabbed my camera and took off running!

This poor kid got JACKED up. i stuck around and shot some photos for a while and talked to everyone there and tried to find out as many details as possible. The police and firefighters were not very helpful because they didn't want to release his name or any information about him. On the way into the ambulance, his friend said "hey Justin, your mom is on her way" so I was able to find out his name.

So my investigation began. I knew that his name was Justin so I went back to the office #1 to break the news and get reporters on the situation and #2 to try and find out some kind of information on this kid. So fortunatlly for me, a fellow coworker recognized him and pulled up his My Space page. So from then we knew his name. Justin Faust. I then called over to the hospital to see if a Justin Faust had been taken to the emergency room there. Sure enough, I was advised that he was brougt in on emergency from the University Campus. I GOT IT! with the help of my co-workers, i was able to pin down the information and get the photo published! it was awesome to break news and get a GOOD feature of breaking news!


Janna said...

Wow Jarad! Those are great photos. Sad though! Awesome that you found out who it was.... but did you find out what happened to him? Way to go!!!!! You are awesome!

Stuart said...

It's amazing, all you are doing in just a months time. Imagine a year from now! :)