Friday, September 14, 2007

Photoj Assignment

My first assignment in my Photoj class was to photograph something that makes our campus and school "special" I decided to photograph the publication that i work for, The Chrony. Working for the Chrony, we have talked about what makes our paper better than that of other schools, BYU, SLCC, Weber etc. our paper is an ACTUAL paper that is well put together and well composed. Some of the Reporters get together with the reporters from the Salt Lake Tribune and go over their stuff to make it better, after all, we are students, they are professionals. I would argue that we are pros too, but some see us just as students. Whatever............

I was able to actually go out to the building where they print all the newspapers in the area. It was really something amazing. It's nuts to actually see how they print up the paper. It really runs over those huge machines that everyone sees on the movies. It's great! I was so freakin stoaked to be able to see that. I am a big supporter that everyone should know as much about the job they do as they can. For me, it was great to be able to see the production of the paper. FANTASTIC!

So this is a smaller version of the actual project that i turned in, but you get the point. So after all is done, it goes to the hands of the students. and if you notice the photos on the front page of the Chrony that the student is reading, I SHOT THOSE photos. Some classmates joke that I shot him reading that paper because my photos were on the front, but honestly, I shot it because it was the day that I was working on my project. I can't help it if i'm good enough to make the front page!!

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