Saturday, September 15, 2007

Jack baby!

Working for the Chronicle has its benefits! sometimes some of the really good assignments come around and other photogs take them, but then sometimes you score too. it's all a give and take type war out there. For Photoj's, it's all about the portfolio! Yes, you have to make friends along the way and that's how you make contacts, but it all has to do with your work.

So this shoot was FANTASTIC! i got to go back stage and shoot a concert. I was in the pit with a "Press Pass" and it was so fun. I shot the show for Straylight Run, RX Bandits, The Format and Jack's Mannequin. it was fantastic!

I think that Jack's Mannequin was probably the best, he puts on such a great show that it was just simply amazing! the other bands were great too, but Jack's was great!

So this last one is of the lead singer for The Format. They were really good and I love how this photo turned out! the only difficult part about shooting concerts is that the lighting is always a bit weird. I think that it gives the photos an awesome effect, but sometimes, it's a bit over the top, and all i get is RED highlights. It looks cool, but come on people, work for the PHOTOGRAPHERS! While i was in the pit, i met a bouncer, surprise, surprise, they are in the pit! anyways, long story short, he gave me the name and number of the head of security of the E center. He said that ANYTIME i want to shoot a concert or see someone good, to call him and he can hook me up! SO THE CHRONY HAS BENEFITS! LOVE IT!

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Hey Jarad! Sorry, my phone keys don't work sometimes. Well, you asked for critiques right? I like the first one the best, but I still think it's a little over exposed. The other two are also over exposed I think. (This is my opinion/taste of course) I don't know what you shot at, but usually you can do concert lighting at either 1000 or 800 ISO at f4 with 1/250. With a canon you could easily bump the iso up to 1250, but you shouldn't need to. If you're shooting aperture priority, underexpose it by a bit. I remember when I shot Mos Def, the parts that I shot aperture were a full stop underexposing. Remember that it's easier to lighten things up then it is to bring back something that's blown out. (If it's too dark though, the noise from lightening it up will kill you). Also, shoot more crowd stuff. Turn around, see what's behind you. Not that I'm super awesome at concerts, but I think there are two in my blog you should check out just to give you some ideas. Also, there's an awesome slideshow of the concert that was here that the Roakoke Times did. Did that help at all?

Anonymous said...

holla Jarad,

I concur w/ Kim. plus sometimes it helps to use spot meter set on your subject. Its not foolproof but it helps sometimes.

Phyliss said...

Keep up the good work.