Saturday, September 29, 2007


So I had picked up this assignment at the Chrony that could have been really cool. It was an assignment for the new Helipad that was opening for the hospital. I went up there and i shot what was there and what i thought could have been some cool photos, but the more i talked to everyone and the more i thought about it, ( and Jim pointed out ) what am i? A damn PR photographer? (sorry kim) but no, i'm not a PR photographer, i'm a photojournalist. WE DON'T DO THIS STUFF!

I got done shooting all this PR stuff and went back to the Chrony. Jim and I talked about it and we decided that the request and the story was dumb all the way around. Jim reminded me that we need to remember the SO WHAT part of each story. We got a new helipad.........SO WHAT?! Why do we need a new Helipad and what's going on that makes us need a new one. So we got to talking and turns out that we both know the PR director of the hospital ( Jim knows him well, and I had just met him earlier at the PR event) So we called him and asked for tips and see if we could get some action. I really wanted to get some photos of the AirMed team in action! Chris, the PR guy, and I got dispatch on the line and spoke to a guy that worked in dispatch. He advised that there is really no way for them to know when the hellicopters would bring in someone, but he said " if you can get here within ten to fifteen minutes, you may catch something happening "

So i grabbed my gear and talked to Jim for 2 seconds, and he advised to grab the shuttle and head up there, By then, we realized that the shuttle had already left, to that, Jim says "you're screwed" I don't take that as an answer and grabbed my gear and bolted out the door. I made it across the parking lot and i was DEAD! yeah, i'm out of shape, so what........ I had it in my mind that i had two options, #1 fail the assignment and not get any photos, #2 Figure out a way to get there. In my previous class, Photojournalism, it was said " A good photographer does what he/she has to in order to get the shot, sometimes that may mean stepping into danger to get it."

So i stepped out into traffic and flagged down a car. The first guy said NO. So i flagged down another car and convinced him to take me to the helipad. I got there with about 5 minutes to spare. I was able to talk to the paramedic and advise what i was doing. She said that as long as i stay out of the way and behind the cement barrier, I was fine to shoot what i wanted. I advised that i would stay away from photographs that identified the victim.

Getting the right photo was tough. I had approximatly 4 minutes to shoot. In that time, i managed to fire off about 140 photos. Now that doesn't mean that all of them will turn out or did turn out well. The whole time i was shooting, it consisted of paramedics yelling at me for taking photos. I was with the PR guy, and i know my rights, and i was on public ground. Unfortunatly the helicopter landed on public ground, so i was free to shoot!! I took some really cool photos and am pretty pleased with how they came out.

NOW There is the SO WHAT! We need the helipad because the old one is SO far from the hospital that it takes more time to get him to the hospital than it does to unload him from the helicopter. I feel that my mission was complete and i did everything i could to ensure that i got the right photo!!! We'll see what Jim has to say. the over critical bastard!!!

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Goodwork getting over there on time! I shot some ambulance/patient stuff the other day. We'll have to compare notes.

Janna said...

Those are really cool pics Jar! Way to go! And way to stick it to him :) :) Love ya!