Thursday, August 30, 2007

Festival of Learning

Working at the Chrony has been really good for me. I have learned A LOT of different things in the few short months that i have worked there. Everything from working my but off to get the stories and get experience, to the importance of being open to different Cultures and ideas. This one in particular was really good. I really like other cultures and learning things about them. I didn't get to talk to many people, but the people I did talk to and the speeches that i did hear were really well done and very informative!

Salt Lake City. I wouldn't say that SLC is one of the most diverse places in the United States, but it could be worse, we could be in somehwere like Cody Wyoming. There are a ton of other cities that are more "multi-cultural" than SLC. Oakland, San Fransisco, New York, you name it, it's probably more so than here. So on assignment, I was sent to a Musllim American Festival. It was actually pretty cool. It wasn't all about "muslims" it was about being "cultured" and the many cultures that are here in Utah. There were Muslims, Turks, Tongans, Japanese. it proved to be very worth while. There were many people there selling their stuff and also people there that were trying to raise awareness to the fact that sometimes, the minorities are discriminated against and most people are not aware of it at all. SO in all reality, i think that it was really an eye opening experience for me. Pretty good photos too!!


Ariana said...

Heyo, this is Ariana. You probably don't know me but I run the design end of The Chrony. I was just surfing through all the photogs blogs and wanted to comment to say yayyyy. You do good work and that makes my life of designing pages much easier ;-) Keep it up.

Stuart said...

Cool Stuff! I hope you keep adding to your blog, so I can see some of your photos.

I like this one a lot! :)