Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lights, Camera, ACTION

This is where the assignments get to be fun. This was the most recent shoot that i have. ( i have done more, but i didn't keep a copy of the photos, i know, LAME ) The Theater School is putting on a new play called Helen. It's a greek play about a woman named Helen, that's about all i know. My assignment was to shoot the practice. Get photos of the actors/actresses practicing their parts for their big debut! It was really fun to sit in on their rehersal and listen to their scenes. Some of them are very good. The director, Barbara Smith seems to be a really good director and really know what she is doing. It was a blast and these are the assignments that i seem to love to do. I like sports, but i think i'm more of a "news junkie."

Most of my shots were of this guy. I love this photo, I caught the lighting just right that he looks like he has an "angelic" light on his face. He is a really good actor and seems to really get into his part well. He has great emotion and really puts everything into his scenes. The director seemed to be really pleased with his practice.

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