Friday, August 24, 2007


Volley ball, now there's a sport that is fun. To play and to watch!!!! so as my first sports shoot, it was actually pretty tough. I was at practice for 3 hours and by the end of the 3 hours, i barely started to figure out how to anticipate the play and hope for a decent shot. This one was pretty cool. I think that the reason it turned out ok was THERE WAS NO ACTION! nothing was moving in this shot! yeah, i got some good action shots, but this one was my favorite. This photo actually ran front page at the Chrony. pretty cool if you ask me.

Soccer was the second sporting event i got to shoot. It was pretty intense because it was the first time that i got to shoot with a 400 mm lense. So i was toting around $6,000 of equipment and i felt like a PRO!!!! So shooting soccer was quite a task. I am really not that used to shooting sports at this point, i have only had one other practice, but to be all honest, i really like it. It's really fast pace and you have to really be ready to get the good shots!!! the womens soccer team is supposed to be really good and so we'll see how their season pans out!!!

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