Friday, August 24, 2007


So, life at the Chrony is getting better. This is the first assignment that i actually got to get shots of PEOPLE. my first assignment was "emergency phones" and my second assignment was STUDENTS buying books. This assignment was pretty fun and i have found out 1 thing, im kinda nervous to approach people. But hey, with time, that will change and i'll be an old pro!!

So, i'm not sure if i can do this or not, but i'm going to anyways. This is the VERY first photo that was ever published of mine, sure i had one run online, but that's digital and web based. This photo is PRINTED. it's actually in a newspaper with MY name under it. I never thought i would ever see this day!!!! Yeah, i'm working for the "school newspaper" but in the photojournalism world, THAT'S HUGE! getting all the experience that you can get is ridiculously important. So the story, we were running a story on the prices at the bookstore and my assignment was to get a shot of a student shopping somewhere else BESIDES the bookstore. That was not too hard because around campus there are stores like "Beat the Bookstore" which surprisingly enough, is where i got this shot!!!!!!!

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hey! I actually saw this one while I was on campus. Good work Jared!