Thursday, July 5, 2007


So i have decided that i'm going to use this blog to keep updated on things that i am doing, also things that i'm not quite sure that i'm ok with. SMOKING. I'm not sure how i feel about all the laws and all the restrictions that we decide that we are going to put on people that want to smoke. Who am I to say " you can't________ or you can't_______ " why do we think that we have the right to tell people NO? How many of us hate it when people tell us NO? Now, I understand the dangers of second hand smoke and the hazards of tobacco, but again, whatever........ if people want to smoke, let them smoke. Why do we think that we get to choose what people can do. Why? Cause of religion? Because it's against some religious beliefs? Well, what does that mean for those who aren't religious? is it right for religious people to impose their beliefs on others just because some choose not to? by passing these ridiculous laws, that's exactly what they are doing! I thought that religion was about freedom of choice? does that freedom of choice give people the freedom to choose for others? I believe that each person has the right to choose what they want to do with their lives and if it isn't what i choose to do, too bad! My choices are not the best for anyone but me, and likewise for everyone else, but I still can't make decisions for others just because i don't agree. Until you can go to jail for it, SMOKE ON SMOKERS!!!!! ( man there are a lot of rhetorical questions in the post!)

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